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A mouse! TOTALLY my cat with a mouse toy! She loves real mice, but the fake ones freak her out! Wait, Mice chase Cats now?

In memory of Clownie...may your heaven hold much chicken broth and luxurious fluffy brushes to comb your fur with.

Cats Waiting for Fishermen to Return

Black and white photography ideas and inspiration. I love this photo of Cats Waiting for Fishermen to Return. I love the subject as well as the composition of this image. I am a crazy cat lady after all.

.Funny Cats Sleeping in Weird Positions Compilation 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5uQ_4SCm8s&list=PL6LQdaUSbsI6xEn4s7kZNFtgLh6a9atTe&index=1

Whatever happens don’t say Awww (32 Photos)

A cat being a jerk to another cat.

Which one would you choose as your pet : A cat or A dog ? Do you like Cats or dogs more ?and which are your favorite breeds ? (you can add bunnies as a bonus pet xD) thanks :). asked under Society & Politics

Zoe en  Bogus ( Bogus is geen eend.) Fiona

8 great things to feel instead of shame

Nose to Nose Wallpaper from Baby Farm Animals. Baby duck and kitten, nose to nose; a cute picture of two new friends.

not cute, not awwww.....this is horrible! Poor kitty. When this cat pisses in your Gucci purse, you know why....

I want a cat so that I can change him into pikachu (pika pika chu) pokemon

Neighborhood Watch Program (sam would totally do this if I moved his cat tree closer to the window! Afraid he would get stuck in the blinds.