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Si sa, noi italiani siamo conosciuti nel Mondo per essere dei gran gesticolatori, Bruno Munari l’aveva capito ed aveva realizzato il “Supplemento al dizionario italiano” per aiutare a comprendere il significato intrinseco nei nostri gesti più comuni. La gestualità non è però esclusiva italica ed anzi, alcune azioni potrebbero portarti in guai seri se ti …

Don’t embarrass yourself: This infographic breaks down obscene hand gestures from around the world


Knowing keyboard shortcuts are really handy sometimes. Here is a list of common shortcuts for inputting symbols. ☺☻☼♥ Which symbol

Google Hacks for Good Search Ranking

Google Hacks for Good Search Ranking


Wall sockets from all over the world. a good visual guide to the adapter you might need


The tell tale heart irony essay Suspense and Irony in “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Gift of the Magi” The two short stories “A Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe and “The Gift of the.

PlayStation Infografik 1993-2013 - gamefront.de

Playstation Infographic: A Technology Timeline Of The Sony PlayStation video Games Consoles / Iconic design

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Power Supplies Okay, now that we've tested our AC outlet and put some protective power devices into play, let's go ahead and talk power supplies. The power

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How To Properly Use a Multimeter (Infographic

How to use a multimeter infographic: Learn the best way how to use a multimeter to test voltage, capacitance, and frequency.

Youre welcome - Imgur

Youre welcome - Imgur

É sabido que os computadores nos simplificam a vida. Ou pelo menos alguns acham que sim!!! No entanto, a questão é diferente: porque a realidade é o que é!!!

(Tips: car navigation installation requires a little knowledge of electronic products.