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Trip over my own feet.(: <<< forget feet i trip over air<<<< well I get tripped by Casper all the time and now everyone thinks I'm clumsy!

They're completely oblivious to all the wrong in the world and their adventurous and curious ... And I'll always envy them

I love litlle kids there so cute and adorable also nice and sometimes bratty but that's just my brother!

I love cookie dough so so so so much

Although I usually eat cookie dough even if it does have raw eggs in it.Edible egg-less chocolate chip cookie dough cup brown sugar cup butter, softened tsp.

Like that time me and @Katherine Scott explored gulf breeze hs with my best friend

What I miss most about my childhood were summer vacations to the most random places with my mom sister. Just the 3 of us on a roadtrip and a campground.

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I get nervous everywhere. I get nervous thinking about things. I get nervous a lot.


this is true. i think a man can make me fall in love, just by writing a well written letter to me.

Just Girly Things <3 #JustGirlyThings

when someone compliment's the thing you are most insecure about: ( almost crying, whispering) I love you.

i take stupid pics!.

HATE that my friends take pictures of me and post them on social media. So like if I don't like pictures that's why I am anti-social!I don't even take pictures of them!

planes themselves make me giddy with joy!

I love that feeling of looking out a plane window. One of the best feelings:)

i adore my sister... and thats just who i am... {well shes not my sister but my "equivalent other half" <3}

i adore my sister. and thats just who i am. {well shes not my sister but my "equivalent other half"

I am

i'm in love with the silence that fills an empty room. I do even though in the silence I attack myself. My imperfections. The silence is a war against myself and depression. For some reason I love the calm, quiet depression.

Falling asleep to the sound of rain

Falling asleep to the sound of rain. I love falling asleep to the sound of the rain.