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Simple but Victorious

Until God opens the next door, praise him in the hallway. I think this quote is just a cliche and doesn't mean much to anyone until they find themselves in a hallway and see how difficult it can be to trust and praise God in times of waiting.

Funny pictures about All dogs go to heaven. Oh, and cool pics about All dogs go to heaven. Also, All dogs go to heaven.


Rainy Days, Italia, Italy, Rain Days

On The Edge Of Dreams

The ocean stretched out in three directions of infinity, from where I stood on the weathered wood platform.

those beautiful light catching weeds.

those beautiful light catching weeds.

Because all good things take time, the things we wait for are mostly worth it in the end. Patience is a virtue.

spiritualinspiration: “ Much of life is spent waiting. It’s how we wait that makes all the difference. Psalm says “Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.” Waiting with expectancy means instead of worrying if God is going to.

And one day I plan to screen in the deck off our master bedroom, and attach a tin roof.  Would love a sleeping porch!  :) ❤

This is so true that on the nights it isn't raining, I sleep to the sound of artificial rain. though it simply can not compare to the real thing. The best thing to fall asleep to is the sound of a raging thunderstorm.

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Psalm (NIV) - The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

1600lbs of C4 to remove some trees. - Imgur

This vehicle is incredible. It fires a mine-clearing line charge like a coiled snake to get rid of land mines



The Right Seeds / A post exploring the seeds we sow in the hearts of children. Psalm 107:37-38 http://adivineencounter.com/the-right-seeds

The Right Seeds

Milk: God Wants You To Crave It At Least 1 Time In Your Life.A mother knows her newborn's discomfort in betwixt breast feedings, because her heart and soul is enslaved to it's every precondition.