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The players. I can't help falling for. "He's not my type." #popart #comic

Yep sounds boring huh well missy u like trouble and bad men boy well u get what ur looking for and u will wish for that handsom sweet man


superdames: “ May I present you the greatest line Stan Lee has ever written. —Menace words by Stan Lee, art by Russ Heath ”


You’re not too smarl, are you? I like that in a man - Malcolm Smith comic pop art.

postcard - illustrated woman - All my life I've wanted to be somebody...Now, who the hell was it_ - b39c5 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

postcard - illustrated woman - All my life I've wanted to be somebody.Now, who the hell was it_ -

Wonder Where Your Costume Is

Illustrator Kerry Callen created these illustration " Super Heroes Super Embarrassing’ showing Superman and Wonderwoman in a crappy situation due to their stupidity. Illustration is simple, funny,effective and i love it


These terrifying comic book moments. 26 Innocent Things That Will Make You Feel Filthy