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This is so my motto. Run longer not faster.

endurance outlasts speed/quitters never get to destination.direction then speed them not giving up

Here are the steps I’m taking: – More focus on my personal projects – Much earlier to bed and much earlier to rise: target wake up time is 5am – In general, I plan to keep myself in a much more structured routine of working hours with very specific goals and milestones that must be hit each day. – More cardio exercise and strength training: hello, running shoes and free weights – Healthier eating and cooking: whole, organic, and seasonal. I’ll share the photos and recipes out of my kitchen.

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It's the miles, not the minutes

work-is-a-four: “ Best Fitness Quotes Looking for some inspiration to get off the couch? Here are some quotes to get you fired up. ” Most inspiring quotes to get you moving!

Morning Runs

If You're Running and Aren't Losing Weight, Try This

Early morning runs are my favorite kind of runs. It is in those runs that I pound out any of yesterday's baggage that still may linger while I enjoy the sounds of nature waking up to greet me. Yes, early morning runs are my favorite kind of runs.

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I'd do good to remember this some days.

My run today! Running is like coffee

Definitely me although I don't drink coffee.

(Unless it's too hot outside)

“I don’t stop when I’m tired; I stop when I’m done.

This makes me want to run so I can feel free. I know that endorphin high I get from my Beachbody workouts is amazing but this sounds so good, being wild and free like nothing can stop you. I want to be fit enough to have that feeling. I want to be able to run 5ks for charity, and do mud runs and obstacle courses. I want to feel free.

Morning run and workout in my wonderful fitness room

I need to think this each time I go for a run. The ability to run the extra mile lies in between your ears.

Yeah, the ability to run the extra mile lies in between your ears, and it's also what you'll lose if you don't keep going. Keep Running !

Just do it ✔️ Motivacional do sábado kkkkkk

To my sweet and amazing running friends:

So true. I know i can do hard things. Running FTW!

Gettin' fit will change your life. Running has helped change my life! Any kind of work does this, I believe.

Ride on!

Get on your bike and ride! Or put on your shoes and run! Either way, the road is a good listener!

Winter running beauty!

Throw on your skull cap & some gloves. Get out and run. Oh and a keep a tissue in your pocket for a runny nose - it's inevitable!i love running when it's cold out!

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Motivational Quotes

Motivational Posters For Runners. Not a runner, but I'm working on it.

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Keep Going -

If you want to become a better runner, you have to run more often. Practice makes perfect! (Oh, and a little strength training is good too. Trust me on that one!)

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