The Year's Most Thrilling (and Heartbreaking) Wildlife Photos

A golden eagle chases a fox away from its food (© Stefan Huwiler/Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Ornate Hawk Eagle

ORNATE HAWK EAGLE (Spizaetus ornatus) This bird is found in humid tropical forests from southern Mexico and the Yucatán Peninsula, to Trinidad and Tobago, south to Peru and Argentina.

Wolf Spider carrying her young. From Jacobo Martin on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/51708886@N03/6355533401/

Wolf Spider carrying her young. The egg sacs are attached to her spinnerets, which produce silk.


King Cobra and Mongoose: certainly not allies, but worthy opponents. Love the fierce courage of the little mongoose.

Tables are turned: The lioness attempts to grab the buffalo in mid-air but gets a hoof to the face for her pains

One giant leap: Athletic buffalo springs TWO METRES into the air to escape a very hungry lion

The hunt - untamed nature - the balance between life and death - this amazing picture captured by Jacques Matthysen Image found on - Africa Geographic


Big snake, little boy (boa constrictor,boa,snake,kids) Pet green Anaconda the largest member of the Boa family

The best of Yves Adams - 2012: En arg Kungsörn (Aquila chrysaetos) sätter klorna i en Rödräv (Vulpes vulpes) som försökte nypa en del av sin mat. Hellt otrolig bild!

Golden eagle having a discussion with Red fox by Yves Adams. (via / Golden eagle having a discussion with Red fox by Yves Adams)


Fantasy, Art, Animals, Nature, Quotes & Fashion — beautiful-wildlife: Greeting by Gabi Marklein

'Someone once told me I could be anything, so I decided to become a tree' #humor #animals

Not an uncommon sight when you visit Yellowstone in the winter months. The fox and coyote will listen for a mouse or vole below the snow . and then dive down to catch their dinner. My dog does this too:)


This handsome creature is called the Bontebok (Damaliscus pygargus pygarus), one of the rarest antelopes in Southern Africa. Image by Ecoprint

Ravenwhimsy's Wonderful World — beautiful-wildlife:   On The Fence by Anita Oakley

Bobcat -- Ravenwhimsy's Wonderful World — beautiful-wildlife: On The Fence by Anita Oakley


Did you know that there are five different species of rhinoceros? Apart from the two species native to Africa the famous Black Rhinoceros, White Rhinoceros