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Ball Lightning This bizarre electrical phenomenon usually occurs during thunderstorms and lasts for up to thirty seconds. Balls of lightening are said to behave in strange ways, hovering, rolling, hissing

This is what happens when lightning strikes sand.

Fulgurite - Sand hit by lightning. This picture is not Fulgurite by the way.This is a stick with wet sand on it.Fulgurite is usually found in the ground where lightning has struck and is usually very small glass tubules.


Tree Getting Hit by Lightning. lightning's like "just gonna take a nice stroll across the sky, ah so peaceful, wait this on tree in particular." Tree gettin struck by lightning Awesome cool epic ftw

Так сработал Громоотвод! Замечательные линии поля!

Real(Mislabeled) - Pinned as "Awesome photo of a Lightning Rod in action". - This is a lightning strike on a wire attached to the tower and trailing a rocket. Launched into a storm for testing.


[Image: Triggered lightning technology at the University of Florida’s Lightning Research Group]. This past winter, I had the pleasure of traveling around south Florida with Smout Allen, Kyle …

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Lightning flashes around the ash plume of the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano chain near Entrelagos, Chile. (Carlos Gutierrez/Reuters) 50 best photos from The Natural World

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circle lightning, it almost looks like a skull!

Lightning Storm

Lightning Storm

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A wonderful color orange lightning.

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super cell thunderstorms that spawn tornadoes create the same thing

“Ow! You shocked me! You really need to keep that under control” Julie said, her blond hair was whipping in the violent wind. James had always had more trouble controlling his power than Julie but he thought his power was cooler anyways.  	(Continued in the comments)

Electrical Storm, or, Mother Nature throwing a temper tantrum.