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hahhahaa mommmyyy


matching tattoo with my Mom- she just called me and said she wants to get one that my dad draws up for us. I cant wait

i think i would die if i met him. or just cry....alot.

this would have to be the last thing on my bucket list because after I meet Luke Bryan, I might die!

IF he would, id love this for my husband (wed def have to be married)

Matching bands around our ring fingers. Tattoos are for life. We might also get matching infinity hearts.

Forget me not<3

I've done this one too, in memory of my mom. Still need one in memory of my dad!

find the "imperfect" man that is perfect for me




bucket list - go to lollapalooza. preferably in a time machine to 1992 and lol

get a white ink tattoo... a copy of some of my grandma's art maybe?

before I die I want a white ink tattoo idk what of but something ill think of it one day

Hopefully soon.....

Maybe one day I will feel comfortable in my own skin maybe

this is what i want

I want to be best friends WAY before marriage comes into the picture, because I want him to be my best friend for the rest of my life. And I will. I will marry my best friend

Strolling the streets of Paris with the love of your life and stopping for a croissant to share would be turning an ordinary day into an extraordinary one:)

Bucket list - eat a croissant at a bakery in Paris. Done! They put nutella in the croissants.

or wildlife biologist!!!

i've thought about this when i was younger! i LOVE how animals are SOO different from humans and how they have different abilities than us! it's SOO