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how freakin' cute!  Lawrence Northey!

The Steampunk Robots Of Lawrence Northey

Nadia  Bounhar "YELLOW CAT "

Nadia Bounhar "YELLOW CAT "


Sculpture designed, engineered and constructed by Christopher Conte

Animal Sculptures Made from Recycled Materials

Animal Sculptures Made from Recycled Materials

Japanese artist Natsumi Tomita uses materials collected from garbages to create these creative animal sculptures. Natsumi Tomita says: Each of …

Steampunk Tendencies - Apolonis APHRODISIA

RESERVED Mechanical Arachnid Sculpture Made Recycled Watch Parts Clockwork Spider Figurine Watch Stems Lightbulb Arthropod A Mechanical Mind

idea inspiration

Not a big fan of steam punk.but this is pretty cool! Victorian styled Steampunk pendant with polished glass, wire wrapping and watch parts.

by Edouard Martinet

Intricate metal animal sculptures created by French artist Edouard Martinet. He uses all sorts of recycled objects to create amazingly detailed creatures – from bicycle parts to kitchen elements.

Beautiful bugs

Get Stung by This Inspiring Insect Jewelry

Steampunk Butterflies- "pendants made from old clock gears, screws and wires New brass, copper"

Mechanical Wolf - steampunktendencies

thegreenwolf: “ steampunktendencies: “ Mechanical Wolf by Andrew Chase ” Oh, daaaaaaaaamn. That combines several things relevant to my interests.

steam punk clock

Mechanical Clock 6 — Steampunk by Eric Freitas Steampunk The first museum exhibition of Steampunk art. An international show curated by American artist and designer Art Donovan. At the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford, England.


I have painted this new Steampunk style dragon especially for an event. For me Steampunk is all about inventions and I enjoyed creating the dragon design and the concept of it being mechanical and hanging from a pocket watch.

Time lost by Omar Brunt

Steampunk male character costume outfit design, Time lost by Omar Brunt steampunk hat and mechanic gloves and arm, pilot glasses, steampunk belt costume design for steampunk man fashion