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Purple socks and a black kitten, what could be better? Great socks for rowing!

Something has just touched my foot

Who says cats don't like water? Maybe if more of them knew about bubble baths, they would all love bath time!

Cuando estás solo en tu casa, te estás bañando y eschuchas un ruido.

My face when I play hide and seek with Gene . "He will never think to look in a suitcase!



Love this attitude.

People are so incredibly stupid thinking something as beautiful as a black cat will bring them bad luck! Bad luck is not having an open heart and mind!


Quote by SharifahNor: There are some people who could hear you speak a .

Ariat Women's Pistol Boots Socks

These pistol-packing socks get their inspiration from the sassy saloon girls of the Old West who were never afraid to hold their own against rough-and-tumble rowdies. Cotton/polyester blend topped with Ariat logo band.


This is a cute little black kitten under a gate. I love little black kittens so much!