"depression is like trying to peel a potato with another potato." it is funny because it is true and sad, and true. This is on my Funny things board, but depression is no joke.

People these days are so terrible  I swear. Why can't we go back to like the early 2000s??

this is why im so stressed rn. I hope my teacher lets me do it at lunch and not class time omg. she knows I have social anxiety so-<<<the pe thing isn't always true, I was hurting bad one day in pe and they would not let me sit out.

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THE TRUTH AT LAST! WHAT MEN FEAR! Homophobia: The fear that another man will treat you like you treat women.<<another quote "what men fear most about going to prison is what every woman fears about waking down the street"

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The worst betrayal // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

seriously what do you do

seriously what do you do<<< i totally replay and reimagine scenes, as well as create stories based off of them

I should do this! Hahah

Funny pictures about I am a cruel man. Oh, and cool pics about I am a cruel man. Also, I am a cruel man.

I fully embrace my bad handwriting! I seriously have such bad handwriting. Sometimes I think too fast and my hand can't keep up so I skip words :/ ~ Embrace your crappy writing ladies !

Lisa Murphy is hilarious

Funny pictures about Baptism of stupid. Oh, and cool pics about Baptism of stupid. Also, Baptism of stupid.

Haters gonna hate. Eat those animal crackers girl!

You eat them animal crackers girl! That cashier is pretty fricken awesome:)

this is a awesome dad!

Funny pictures about When The Tickle Monster Attacks. Oh, and cool pics about When The Tickle Monster Attacks. Also, When The Tickle Monster Attacks photos.

......now there is a SMART AND CLEVER kid.........I wonder if he got extra credit for that???!!!

Funny pictures about A really smart kid. Oh, and cool pics about A really smart kid. Also, A really smart kid.

Ladies and gentleman...the difference between and N and an S.

I can see this joke applying to classic Holmes and Watson as well as BBC Sherlock and John.

you have been this person for so many people, and you have no idea.

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This thought. I hope it is true, lol! I have had those 'crushes' so much.

Someone give this girl an award

Funny pictures about Best Chinese fire-drill ever. Oh, and cool pics about Best Chinese fire-drill ever. Also, Best Chinese fire-drill ever.