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Rep. Ryan's bill would have allowed a rapist to sue his victim to keep her from ending the unintended pregnancy. The New Fetus bill would say the fetus has full legal rights from the moment of conception. The consequences would be much broader and have more dire consequences than this. One senator has proposed that every miscarriage should be investigated.

Rep Ryan bill allows rapist to sue victim to prevent abortion

I'm not a raving monarchist but the comparison between our princes & the Trump spawn really shows the Trumplings up as the witless spoiled brats they are

Also can we address the grammar error in the trump part lol

Rich Tax Dodging Trump blames the Working poor. Not his Slave Wage Jobs or Bankruptcies or Theft of Students + Veterans Funds!

~~Bernie Sanders

Today the United States is number one and billionaires, and corporate profits, and CEO salaries. Number one in childhood poverty and income and wealth inequality in the industrialized world I guess this makes us

The Republican war against women is prototypical of every politically extreme group, whether right-wing Republicans, or tribal Afghan warlords.  They always prey upon the weak instead of protecting them.

But there's no Republican War on Women. Just ask any well-fed rich white Republican man. He'll tell you the same thing about racism, too.

By all means, find someone else to blame for the reason your wife can't even look at you anymore. DracosHempEmporium.com

Oh my political posts are annoying you? Sorry, I assumed the future of humanity was worth discussing. By all means, post another photo of your meal.

Wonderful history.  Needs to be talked up more.

The only two presidents that reduced the deficit in the last 50 years. Bush claimed the SURPLUS Clinton left him was unneeded and GAVE IT AWAY to his friends!


This is Insane.and so are The Unpatriotic People who vote Republican.

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Reagan created jobs in a record 70 month stretch of uninterrupted job growth,reduced the annual deficit he inherited by a trillion dollars in six years,and nearly tripled the stock market,just kidding that was obama,meme