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Funny pictures about Giraffic Park. Oh, and cool pics about Giraffic Park. Also, Giraffic Park photos.

Let's all make yo mama jokes to the hungry T-Rex. Jurassic Park just got funnier.

hahahahahaha Let's all make yo mama jokes to the hungry T-Rex. Jurassic Park just got funnier.

I think Humanities wins this one. Humanities and gym class.

Funny pictures about Science vs. Oh, and cool pics about Science vs. Also, Science vs.

Zookeepers are recreating the already-iconic "controlling the raptors" Jurassic World pose.

Zookeepers are recreating Chris Pratt's 'Jurassic World' pose

Halo 3 - Mjolnir VI-Coolest suits of armor

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I feel like the ostrich is jack sparrow running down the beach and the cheetah is the tribe people in Dead Man's Chest. Just sayin.

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XBox 360 LEGO Jurassic World Video Game #GIVEAWAY

Twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammond.

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Forcing T-Rex to wear tiaras that their tiny arms could never remove *laughs forever*

funny jurrassic park

However, this can be explained, it being that the writer/director suddenly decided that the T-Rex should have another entry before the close of the movie. Others have noticed and commented about this strangely magical appearance.