Tone It Up Workout, Day Two: Booty With Kettlebells

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The Goddess Workout –

The Goddess Workout

Get ready to build your inner and outer strength as we show you our Goddess Routine. This is a perfect workout to do with a friend, so that you can be Goddesses together!

30 day ab challenge <<< a little intense but I should do it

30 day ab challenge <<< stated feb 13 finish march 15 2014 (since February has only 28 days)

8 Toning Moves to tone it up!  With K and Self Magazine

tone it up's first drop 10 workout video for SELF! lots of good full body moves (like the side slimmer) via tone it up!

Tone It Up! Blog - Surprise! Your Pura Vida Workout IS HERE!

This routine will tone, tighten and cinch your entire body, while sending your arms a little extra love! Spider monkey crunches are my fave!

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For beautiful lines along your back: start in position A with weights in hand & navel to spine.  Pull 1 dumbbell toward your body using your middle back muscles until your elbow is above your back (B). Pause, then slowly return the weight to the floor and repeat with the other arm. Now perform 1 pushup & return to A. Repeat the sequence as a ladder: bring 1 arm back 2x, then other arm 2x. Do 2 pushups etc. Work toward 10 reps. Extra credit: squeeze your glutes as you pushup.

Pushup Row with Core Hold