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Paljon hyvää mistä pitää kii? ;)

Funny pictures about Why there's no homework in Finland. Oh, and cool pics about Why there's no homework in Finland. Also, Why there's no homework in Finland.

What does your state do best?  This is a surprise on some states--especially, Illinois has higher gangs members than California??!!

Infographic: What's your state good at?

What Does Your State Do Best Infographic - The United States is a very diverse, and multi cultural place to live. Each state usually has its famous.

great visual

Critical Thinking Skills Chart Great Verbs to help explain Blooms. and create activities for higher level thinking skills in the classroom.

warum hat uns das in der Schule keiner beigebracht: multiplizieren von 2stelligen Zahl - ganz einfach!

I am pinning this not because it's funny, but because I freakin need this in my life. --- How to multiply large numbers in your head

50 Things You Don't Need To Know

Confession: I am chock full o’ useless knowledge.

50 things you don't need to know, but should read anyways because it's kind of crazy and awesome and it will make you a better nerd! XD and will probably gross you out too. Never eating chocolate bars again.

MINDPOWER and NLP I Je kunt jezelf #ontwikkelen. Oefening baart kunst. Een #groeimindset helpt je.

Coaching Tools, Forms, Templates & Exercises

From "Information Graphics" by Sandra Rendgen (via Brain Pickings) -- 'Two Mindsets,' Stanford, magazine article, Data Source: Carol Dweck: 'Mindset: The New Psychology of Success', Design: Nigel Holmes

Little Stars Learning: Assessments

Child Care/Daycare Assessments

Gifted, bright, smart, talented are different things. You can have a talented failure or a gifted student who makes Cs or a bright child who's a little loosey-goosey but works hard and gets the As that the smart kid won't earn.

Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes (infant mortality)

Funny pictures about The Reason Finnish Babies Sleep In Cardboard Boxes. Oh, and cool pics about The Reason Finnish Babies Sleep In Cardboard Boxes. Also, The Reason Finnish Babies Sleep In Cardboard Boxes photos.

For most teachers, this is the reality.  What too many people hear as "complaining" from teachers is an effort to open up dialogue with the public about the realities of a very challenging profession populated with good-hearted, passionate human beings who want to make a difference in the world.

11 Annoying Things People Say About Teaching

Do Teachers Work Hard Enough? Infographic Teachers don’t work hard enough…

Are you...Left or Right Brained?

Are you Left or Right Brained?

Are you right or left brained? Im left brained but in fact Im more like the right brain