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George clooney cat

George clooney and cat, from that movie ive seen a million times but just forget the name of.one fine day? Celebrities Are Cat People Too pics)

And now for no particular reason,here is Patrick Swayze wearing a cat.

When I need to center myself I make collages of Patrick Swayze.

Tom Jones and siamese cats

Famous Cat Lovers-Musicians, Composers, Dancers, Singers

Tom Jones and siamese cats

Pessoas e animais inspiração

Newly-engaged George Clooney once infamously used his friend's cat's litter box as a prank.

[John Travolta y su bello felino]

Famosos y gatos

We present you 10 amazing old photos of you favorite celebrities with cats.

Roger Moore, subsequent James Bond ( who looked a bit more fun, in my humble opinion) and cat lover.

Roger Moore as Ffolkes - with a cat. Wallpaper and background photos of Roger Moore - Characters for fans of Sir Roger Moore images.

celebrities cat - Buscar con Google

michael j fox holding a cat celebrities-holding-cats: “ ” it’s michael j. fox holding a cat.

イメージ0 - 猫が好きなプーチン大統領の画像 - 日米韓 国際関係 - Yahoo!ブログ

Any politician can kiss babies, Putin hugs an armful of cats. and they look damn happy.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley

Robert de Niro and Kitten | mascotas

Los famosos también tienen mascotas y te lo muestro

Lil BUB: Let's not forget about that time that Robert De Niro had the honor of holding BUB, and she made one .

Marilyn Monroe and Kitty in white | Community Post: 45 Amazing Pictures Of Celebrities And Cats

Marilyn Monroe and Kitty in white