A literary thumbprint: the books that have defined your life fill out your thumbprint. This artist, Cheryl Sorg, will take your thumbprint and 50 books that have influenced your life and create a "literary thumbprint" art piece.

Thumbprint portrait. Scraps of paper all about you! Great journal page!

This would be a great craft for book club or bulletin board of favorite books thru year of students. Your 50 favourite titles turned into a unique thumb print by cheryl sorg art inspired by - and made from - books

Blue Puddle Finger Print


Image detail for -Spiral Patterns in Nature and in History

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Rhea Gaughan - finger print drawing of her life story. Written in the shape of her actual finger print

This is a tower of books for my girls carolyn ramsey and Cassie norton

Book Igloo - Home is a recent sculptural installation by Colombian artist Miler Lagos. The piece was constructed at MagnanMetz Gallery late last year using carefully stacked books to create a compact dome that is entirely self-supporting.

thumbprint self portrait art project - cool art projects for kids

Cool Art Project for Kids: Thumbprint Self Portrait


Maybe with each childs answer to a question? or "what's your favorite thing about Coronado?" 's heart art: Holley Portraits

TeachKidsArt: Thumbprint Self-Portrait

Art Lessons for Kids: Thumbprint Self-Portrait. The kids make this based on their actual thumbprint and write a narrative about themselves. how old you are, things you like and don't like, your hopes and dreams for the future.

Resultado de imagen para quick art projects for middle school

Resultado de imagen para quick art projects for middle school

Illusion d'optique

Op art or "optical" art is a style of visual art that uses optical illusions to create interesting abstract shapes and lines. For this assignment, we are going to create a piece of op art of Grade