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Top 23 Spectacular Balcony Gardens That You Must See

What a unique flower box! Combine the love of gardening and reading with this unique flower box. Show the world what you love to do! Find gardening books as well as some of your favorite fiction when making these flower boxes.

The Summer Reading Flowchart: Young Adult Books! [Infographic] - http://teach.com/education-technology/the-summer-reading-flowchart-young-adult-books

95 Young Adult Books To Read This Summer Instead Of Reading 'Harry Potter' AGAIN

95 Young Adult Books To Read This Summer Instead Of Reading 'Harry Potter' AGAIN. Not that there's anything wrong with reading Harry Potter again!

20 heroic librarians who save the world

20 heroic librarians who save the world

If information is power, then there's no hero mightier than a librarian. Librarians are superheroes, adventurers, explorers and invaluable guides to other heroes. Here are 20 amazing librarians who save the world every day!

I'm Not Addicted To Reading#funny #lol #lolzonline

lolz online - I'm Not Addicted To Reading


My three bookshelves are already full. Including books in front of books.

Love this collection of posters used to instruct mid-century kids on how to use the library. They are so great!

Adorable Midcentury Posters Teaching Kids How to Use the Library

Here are eight sweet posters from a book, first published in Using Your Library: 32 Posters for Classroom and Library, by Mary Joan Ega .

The very idea    trying to lure him away from Harry.

Have you any idea how much that Play Station cost? A kid sitting in a chair reading Harry Potter, which an elderly lady scolds him for not playing video game on which she spent a lot of money.


Vicki Anne Melo / Librocubicularist poster depicts woman reading in bed and word definition 'Librocubicularist - a person who reads in bed'