Apology via roses! Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 110 Pics That still wouldn't be enough roses. The room and the room next to it would have to be full.

Sure it's fun but still pretty offensive to any Octopus Customers that might have been nearby. View "This is How Responsible Adults Spend Their Time at Home Depot" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Dukes of hazzard time

15 of the Funniest Car Memes

GTA Has Ruined My Life Everyone has had the same thought, right? Way too much GTA.


11 of the Strangest Reasons Why Kids Were Caught Crying.RDJ and Bill Murray ones are priceless. It's crazy what kids cry over.

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Funny pictures about Wonderful Day To Be A Car. Oh, and cool pics about Wonderful Day To Be A Car. Also, Wonderful Day To Be A Car photos.

Just blend in

Just blend in

Just act natural. No one will notice. Just. NATURAL - Meme of a kid playing in a marching band without his instrument but acting like he still has it

camo'ed out lol

There Once Was a Flood

Yes,Sir!I didn\'t see you at the camouflage practice today!Thank you, Sir!

Well, not just my bff, I do this to everyone, Idc about what they say though :P

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 91 Pics . just wait until they hit they will WISH they looked like the 'boyfriend' photos and NOT the 'friends'! old age has the last laugh!