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Civics Lesson Cartoon For Kids - How A Bill Becomes a Law - Schoolhouse Rock

"Create a chronological sequence of multiple events" After watching School House Rock, students will use picture cards from the video and put them in chronological order of how a bill becomes a law.

Homeschool Resources for the U.S. Constitution - The Homeschool Post

Homeschool Resources for the U.S. Constitution

Kathys Cluttered Mind: Revolutionary War Films For Children

France, eager for revenge after its defeat in the Seven Years' War, signed an alliance with the new nation in 1778 that proved decisive in the ultimate victory.

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This poster describes how each of the 13 Colonies were started. This content will be helpful when teaching students about the origins of each colony.

Don't miss this video if you are teaching goods and services! See this video and get links to great goods and services sites on this post!

Love Those Goods and Services!

Perfect for goods and services/wants and needs! Other great links about goods and services on this post! People have many economic wants and needs, but limited resources with which to obtain them.

Conjunction Junction....Best School House Rock, via YouTube.

oh the - Conjunction Junction, School House Rock

SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK: Fireworks (Declaration of Independence) | astound me: D.A. Królak

SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK: Fireworks (Declaration of Independence)