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How to Make a Gingerbread House + Throw a Decorating Party | Yummy Mummy Kitchen

How to Make a Gingerbread House + Throw a Decorating Party

Чем ближе к нам Новый год и Рождество Христово, тем больше появляется публикаций на страницах Ярмарки Мастеров, как приготовить пряничное тесто (мастера охотно делятся технологией и своими секретами), как сделать пряничный домик, как его украсить (какие глазури можно использовать, какие не стоит, какие пищевые красители лучше и т. д.). От всего этого так и витает в воздухе этот ни с чем не сравнимый волшебный аромат...

Have you ever been excited about making a gingerbread house, only to have the walls fall down and a fun experience turn into a frustrating one? Here's a royal

gingerbread house.  I like the fondant used to create the window casing.  Very clean and beautiful!.

National Gingerbread House Competition 2011 - perryfuquaphotos -- I would use sticks of gum scored with toothpick for shutters.


Maro Karapetyan w/ Alma Tornow: Gingerbread house & embellished hearts.love the idea of the matching cookies.

gingerbread house blog with tutorials, recipes, and pattern; www.gingerbreadjournal.com

Shortly after the New Year, brightly colored Valentine’s Day candy appears on store shelves. If you’re in luck, the Christmas goods are still on clearance. I found several types of factory-made gin…

Peppermint Porch Gingerbread House

Peppermint Porch Gingerbread House and lots of other Christmas decorating ideas. I used to love when Mom made the annual gingerbread house and decorated it.

Tall apartment building gingerbread house #christmas

Gorgeous gingerbread tower (This gives me an idea - use a cardboard craft house, use brown paint & white puffy paint & make a "gingerbread" house decoration)

Gingerbread house goals. Love the macaroon trees!

Love the macaron trees and the marshmallow twist chimney on this gingerbread house….cutest gingerbread house ever!

gingerbread house log cabin-free tutorial - make this from a pre-bake kit and pretzels! www.gingerbreadjournal.com

Welcome back to the Little Cabin in the Woods. Layers of icing and sugar have taken our gingerbread log cabin from the golden warmth of Fall to the cozy snugness of a Winter’s aft…