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The beautiful depth in the colors, the soft and subtle hues, the gorgeous water droplets, all of these come together to make this picture cool and appealing, an soothing and lovely photo.

What!?!? This is crazy

What Insects Look Like After The Rain

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Macro Photography❤️ Travelling, volunteering or an wildlife/ cultural internship in South Africa? Arrange it with Studentsonsafari & get inspired here!

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How to Make Your Own Water Droplet Studio. Seen those stunning water droplet photos?

...release yourself from the frozen shackles that bind you to the Immobility of Self

Texture Wow, we missed a frozen iron // metal shackle in the list of our favorite photos. Love the gradient in the background: the colors really sparkle in contrast to the hurting frozen chain covered with ice crystals.

Paintings by Dennis Wojtkiewicz - Yeah that is a painting!

Fruit and Flowers Paintings by Dennis Wojtkiewicz

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Tree Skeleton Reflection Art Print by David Pringle

Tree Skeleton Reflection by David Pringle. "The original photograph of the tree skeleton was taken on a foggy morning in Northumberland. The image has been enhanced using a Flood effect filter to create the reflection." I love trees!

bird house

With some serious efforts to and a little focus on developing a self sustaining mini-ecosystem, we can create a mini forest right in our backyard and attract wildlife. Have a look at how we can attract wildlife into our garden: