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Free, Cry For Help Ecard: "I won't buy any more yarn until I use up all the yarn I have at home," I said. Then I laughed and I laughed.

Made this for the group.  Can you relate?  LOL

Or realized that you missed an entire row of a color after already switching colors and completing the square. Yeah, that happened last night.

Haha! Need to sneak in some crochet (knitting) time!

I'd change that to housework. Especially since I get ally crochet supplies from work!

I’m not obsessed with crochet... I just collect a lot of yarn and patterns.

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Ok, I have a problem. Not.

Simply because I don't have too much yarn hehe! I've only got 30 rolls of yarn, Joey doesn't understand that's like only having of box of crayons!

Love imagining all the stuff I'll make with the yarn and pattern stashes.

Yarn Humor!

When knitting patterns show up in my crochet pattern search.

Free and Funny Cry For Help Ecard: When knitting patterns show up in my crochet pattern search.

Feast or famine.

Only 986 balls of YARN left? My creative life is over.how I feel when my yarn stash runs low ;

Yep. Done this a few times

Any questions asked while I am counting crochet stitches will be answered with louder counting. - My kids can attest to this.