Fanart never fails to amaze me. I wish I could draw like this.

Pixiv Id 419830, Axis Powers: Hetalia, France, Austria, United Kingdom, Germany

historicalhetalia-haven: “ “ fuckyeahhistoricalhetalia: Source Submitted by: musicianinmymind ” I’m pretty sure this is the Munich Agreement. Hitler looks angry enough for it. Is that Austria there?


Hetalia ~~ Germany still doesn't have a cell phone, does he?- (um honey this is taking place in world war 2 or so.

Germany from hetalia. I just love the detail they put to this, he just looks very hansome!!!

APH Ludwig by - hetalia-germany Fan Art

Ludwig Beilschmidt / Germany

Hetalia's the types of boyfriends © - - Ludwig - Página 1 - Wattpad

Germany and Prussia:

gilbert/prussia and ludwig/germany, and germania -hetalia

12 Days of Hetalia Christmas by Brittlander (DeviantART) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Hetalia 12 Days of Christmas!

APH : Feli goes to heaven by NonexistentWorld.deviantart.com on @deviantART

APH : Feli goes to heaven by NonexistentWorld on DeviantArt

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Italy and Germany // Hetalia ~ I'm not into boy love or yaoi but this is too cute to not pin <<I'm not part of this fandom but I ship it goddamnit

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I guess Germany started working out