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Funny pictures about How Phones Should Work. Oh, and cool pics about How Phones Should Work. Also, How Phones Should Work.

Liam Neeson

Funny pictures about Don't mess with Mister Neeson. Oh, and cool pics about Don't mess with Mister Neeson. Also, Don't mess with Mister Neeson.

Cootie Queen

you son of a biscuit eating bull dog! what the french toast! you thought i wouldn't find out about your little doo doo head cootie queen! haha loved that commercial!

Time to answer the door, beyotch.

President Barack Obama, and the Majestic Bald Eagle, Representatives of the United States of America, Fantastic

ROTF!!!!! Effective % is wrong for  condoms and the pill, but this is truly priceless. Crocs really may be the best birth control EVER. Guys hate them on chicks; chicks hate them on guys...So wear Crocs and you won't have to worry about having sex, lol!

Funny pictures about Birth control effectiveness. Oh, and cool pics about Birth control effectiveness. Also, Birth control effectiveness.

Religion, It's in the Bible, Bible Verse, Leviticus, Homosexuality, LGBTQIA, Bigotry, Homophobia, Tattoos, Cherry Picking. Tattoo of Leviticus 18:22 forbidding homosexuality: $200. Not knowing that Leviticus 19:28 forbids tattoos: Priceless.

Tattoo of Leviticus against homosexuality. Not realizing that Leviticus also prohibits tattoos--priceless.

Siri was getting a little sassy this morning. And I think I may have scared her a little.

Siri was getting a little sassy this morning. And I think I may have scared her a little.

How about you? hahahahahahahah

I hate when people are at your house & ask "do you have a bathroom?" - no, we shit in the yard.

Happy Hunger Games!

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: I started running because I thought I was being chased by a Tracker Jacker. Then I realized it was just a wasp. Then I realized I wasnt in the Hunger Games.

Hahaha! "if you have sex, you will get pregnant... and die!"

even Mean Girls is not as stupid of a movie as Twilight. "If you have sex, you WILL get pregnant- and you WILL die!

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"maybe I should start jogging :/" . "hahaha I'm not gonna start jogging xD" -Jenna marbles

Friends bloopers. I'm pinning this so I can watch it whenever I want! Yessssss

The Best of "Friends" bloopers -I literally have tears running down my face! Now I know what to watch when I'm having a bad day


forever alone. Sure there are plenty of other fish in the sea, But youve not anywhere near the sea, We' re in the desert. Alone, Lonely no luck Desert Fish

life goals and the internet. @Rachel Wisniewski

Les trouvailles d’Internet pour bien commencer la semaine #73