thinking of going camping... wouldn't mind if it were to turn out like this :)

Inspired Tents For Your Next Camping (Or Glamping!) Trip

Boho Tents - dress up your tent with inviting and soft tapestries for your next music festival! live like a hippie/gypsy for a month.

Inspiration for your Sunday afternoon ~ houseboat of our dreams⛵️. Sailing with Jonathan & Mieke Tunney off Catalina Island, shot by David Massey for in

Ooh look I have a new bookcase! (in the foreground, to the right) It nearly killed poor Bird putting it up, you could hear him swearing all down the street.  I will gird up my ass again to do something more exciting soon...going to see Jethro Tull tonight, lets see if I can get a camera in!

There are 2 tips to buy these jewels: bedroom indian hippie boho wicca magik moon magik ethnic spiritual witch home decor.

Gypsy living 6

Gypsy living: they actually cooked on the stove and generally enjoyed the full atmosphere

Bohemian Homes

fletchingarrows: “bohemianhomes: “ House Boats, Floating Homes, via Moon to Moon ” so many plants ”