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Meet Harry Styles ✅Done! IT WAS A DREAM COME TRUE! Won meet and greets through my radio station! He smells awesome and is great at giving hugs July 2015

I just want to have the chance to meet him and here his lovely voice.

hug harry styles/ my future husband!

Because he's amazing :)

meet Ed Sheeran.this must happen when i go to his concert!

Before ι Dιe


at least I'm going to a concert. not in the front row though.but i'd do pretty much anything to get front row seats.literally ANYTHING!

Have a conversation with Harry! ✅✅Done! IT WAS A DREAM COME TRUE! Won meet and greets through my radio station!  #OTRASeattle July 15, 2015

On my bucket list.as well with niall louis liam and zayn

Model for Victoria's Secret...

Bucket List: Model for Victoria's Secret

#3 try everything once. i get into the habit of getting the same one thing over & over.

bucket list: try everything on the starbucks menu once

MUST. I will not fulfill my goals in life before I die if I do not meet them.

This is my dream, not just because they're hot (not that I'm complaining;) ) because they have helped me through so much, saved me from stuff. Thank u

*awkwardly raises hand* looks around,people are staring."WHAT? Who cares I volunteer please "

Harry Styles meets hunger games O_o I like it.

"Be called mommy."  I love this so much more than "have a child," since I may adopt.

Can't wait for this magical time of my life to be a mother.