It's so funny that cams the oldest and he's mentally the youngest lol

This is so accurate. It's funny how cam is the "youngest" mental age when he's the oldest and Aaron's tho

when you are a Nash Grier freak and you only know things about him!

Idk ask Jesus XD his birthday is like so close to jobs like the time the doctor both on a Tuesday and both raining an other things wow!

We are just starting out and it would be so cool if you guys could follow my insta☺️ @grierbrothersxx

He's only 6 months older than me. That was my face when I found out that he was the closest to my age which is freaking awesome.

I can't scroll past this ever!

It kills me to see Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas and Carter Reynolds cry and then there's Matt Espinosa, MagCon Boys<< it kills me to see anyone of the boys cry, even tho Matt's is . Idk how to put it

Repin if you're a true fan

Well i hate carter but love to boys so<<<<<HOW DARE YOU? All of them deserve our respect and love just the same! Carter is Just as important as the Jacks, Nash, and Cam! If you don't love all of them then you're not a true fan -Sophie

They've been true since the day I saw you in that "Look at dem pearls" vine.

vinersyasss: Imagine - Your friend Matt finding out that you had a crush on him. You:OMG who told you matt.

I would do that

I've done that a couple a times and when I wrote it on the board the third time my teacher looked at me smiled, then put the eraser down and walked to her desk letting everyone admire what I wrote on the board!

This is the real magcon. Not those other people that some people are saying that they are. Here is the original magcon and no one can replace them.

This is the real magcon. The original magcon. Nobody can replace them

facts about magcon and o2l boys - Google Search

Obviously Matthew Espinosa, Aaron Carpenter, Hayes Grier and Carter Reynolds ❤️❤️