Forget the traditional jack o' lantern and try a contemporary pumpkin carving idea this Halloween! Turn to our collection of cool pumpkin carving ideas, including cocktail-inspired pumpkins, a pumpkin bonfire, and a batty belfry.

VW Kürbis DIY Deko -                                                                                                                                                     Mehr

diy / Noch mehr Kürbis Deko-Ideen

VW van pumpkin - hahaha so cute! A VW hippy van is totally my dream car~~~~~~~

Tökfaragás  | 20 fantasztikus inspiráció tökdíszítésre

I'm not into carving pumpkins or Halloween, but this is cute! I like Minions. 40 Detailed Pumpkin Carvings That Make Normal Ones Seem Boring

Maryberry Boutique: pUmPkInS pUmPkInS PuMpKiNs

Hanging Jack for your front entry! Use foam pumpkin and electric candle. Or a Gold Canyon Peaches & Pumpkin candle.

Pink Pig Pumpkins! My son saw this and said, "That's a generation of pumpkin hogs"!

Pink Thing of the Day: Pink Pig Pumpkins!

pumpkin carving - perfect for a house full of boys!

The Puking Pumpkin is my favorite jack-o-lantern pumpkin design for Halloween, and aside from being funny, it’s an easy one to carve

Boo!  Carve spooky words into a few pumpkins for your guests during the harvest season.

With Halloween and the Fall season sneaking up, I wanted to share some fun no carve pumpkin decorating ideas!