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population of the world split into equal sections of one billion 40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World

17. The Greatest Sports Figure From Every State

19 Eye-Opening Maps Of America That May Surprise You

Greatest Sports Figure from each State - In December Sports Illustrated ranked the 50 all-time greatest sports figures from every state. Here's a look at each state's best.

The North's far more extensive railroads were key for their winning the war due to the easiness of moving people and supplies. They were built to carry supplies from the city's factories which was perfect to get supplies out.

37 maps that explain the American Civil War

Railroads before the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution caused the railroad to expand.

Where Place Names Come From In The Americas Related: Etymology of American State…

Where place names come from in the Americas (Bill Rankin/Radical Cartography)

MAP ca. 150 CE. Kushan Empire. Kujula Kadphises united the disparate tribes in the 1st C. BCE wresting control of the area from the Scytho-Parthians, the Yuezhi moved south into the N.W. Indian known as Gandhara (now parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan) and established a capital near Kabul.

MAP ca. Kujula Kadphises united the disparate tribes in…

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The body/ French

British Isles from 55 BC-900 AD Beginning with Settled tribes from successive waves of invasion by the Celtic empire (blue). Invasion proper by the Rome empire (red) in 44 AD. Shaded areas represent client states.  Withdrawal of Roman empire in 400 AD and independent Briton (blue). Angels, Saxons on Jutes (green) Invasion begins in 450. Vikings from Norway & Denmark Invade (yellow). Map ends 900 AD.  www.historyfiles.co.uk

Map of Britain 55 BC - AD 10 (clickable info)

Map of Medieval England

Map of Medieval England, by National Geographic Magazine, October 1979 for my cottage wall.

Aboriginal Australia - 250 different countries - 600 different languages: Puts things into perspective #dayna_trueman #yankinaustralia #Australia

Map of Australia's Aboriginal Tribes

Koefisien Gini - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas

40 maps that explain the world - The Washington Post