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FELINE OF SIGHT A cat eyes a squirrel as it makes its way along a fence in Ormond Beach, Florida. Cat and squirrel parted without incident. (Photo: AP via the New York Post)

Is that a can opener?

my dog used to do this. the only time my friends would visit was to tell me they thought my dogs head was stuck.

Cat interrogation tactics

Funny pictures about Middle school for cats. Oh, and cool pics about Middle school for cats. Also, Middle school for cats.

Ya Gotta Love ‘em « Nae's Nest

Funny pictures about Cats are jerks. Oh, and cool pics about Cats are jerks. Also, Cats are jerks.

Cats vs. Blinds…I actually have a pic of my cat like this! Haa!

Cats vs. Blinds…

Funny pictures about Cats vs. Oh, and cool pics about Cats vs. Also, Cats vs.

What is it with cats and books? <-- they can't read, but they still love books. Before I could read, my mother says I sat around chewing on books.

I like what you've done with the place.

15 Cats Who Are Fascinated By The World

"We want in!"  From left to right: "Felix" the cat, "Muttley," "Martha," and "Bernie" at home in Dunmanway, Co. Cork. Credit: Regina Forsythe

What's cooking?

This was just too cute to not pin.A typical Country thing.all the farmyard pets, the Cat, Dog, Chicken, Chicken.peering in the window : )

That's nothing

17 Hilarious Memes That Perfectly Combine Books and Cats