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I see an orange moon. I see the moon.the moon sees me.the moon sees somebody I want to see. So, God bless the moon and God bless me and God bless the somebody I want to see!

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LOVES FIRE BURNS My heart is burning with love All can see this flame Igniting my passion, invoking desire But its playing with my mind .

Moon phases

Waxing: The moon anytime before a full moon and after a new moon.Waning: the moon at any time after full moon and before new moon.Gibbous: convex at both edges, as the moon when more than half full.Crescent: a shape resembling a segment of a ring.

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Red Sunset Photo: This Photo was uploaded by jetova. Find other Red Sunset pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucket free image and video .

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This moon phases yoga mat makes a peaceful addition to your daily yoga routine. Inspired by a beautiful night under the stars and the cycles of the moon as an art form, this yoga mat adds peaceful ser

Moon Phases Yoga Mat

The Moon Phase Mat is a high quality mat that has a combination of mat and towel. It is design to have a good grip and non-slip surface. Material: Anti-slip rubber backing and soft, sweat absorbing suede cloth top Dimension: 72 x

Dragon Moon Art Tile Julie Fain 10x8 in Fantasy Silhouette m269

Dragon Moon Art Tile Julie Fain 10x8 in Fantasy Silhouette m269

Dragon Moon Art Tile Julie Fain in Fantasy Silhouette Print: Dragon Moon Artist: Julie Fain Measures: 9 x

1/5/15 i am grateful for the full moon tonight. i feel full in this sweet, quiet, blissful, feminine way. there is a hum...

"I see the moon and the moon sees me. God bless the moon and God bless me.

And He prepares a way for us . . .

God is love. God is good. God is merciful. God is full of grace. Because God is all these things and much more, He wants to give to His children. Giving is something that just comes naturally to Him.


Moon light: waterfall by ~maariusz on deviantART Yes, I know it's not real but I love it.


I love to watch the sky and capture photos of beautiful scenes going on up there. I also enjoy looking at other folk's photos of beautiful sunset and sunrises. You will find both mine and "theirs" on this board.

The full moon nearest to the Autumn Equinox is called the Harvest Moon and farmers would harvest their crops by this moon, as part of the second harvest celebration.

"Shine On Harvest Moon" - This photograph was taken by Lee Capps Original. It is a Full Harvest Moon rising on Lake Jordan, North Carolina.

Pink Moon

Have you ever seen a hot pink moon at sunset/sunrise? Maybe not this pink but I have definitely seen a pink moon before.