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Hedgehog in Sun on Grass stock photo

There are more than 10 different species of hedgehog out there, and how long do hedgehogs live is dependent on that species. The smaller ones usually have a lifespan of around...

Facts About Hedgehog Pet

The baby hedgehog should also be fed with good milk substitute like “Vitapet” lactose free pet milk which is usually available in the supermarket. You should never give your hoglets cow’s milk.

ちわっす! - フォト蔵

ちわっす! - フォト蔵

Flower child

trvl: “ sensorybar: “ Here’s some Thor ” Aww, I want a hedgehog ”

# animals #

# animals #

Not tonight, dear, I've got a headache.

Not tonight, dear, I've got a headache.

, the baby African Pygmy Hedgehog. Zaylan's next pet?!? I've got to get more info. He is so stinking cute!!

Meet Shane, Cincinnati Zoo's Baby African Pygmy Hedgehog!

Shane, the baby African Pygmy Hedgehog

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Cute hedgehogs on the beach

Cute Young Hedgehogs On The Sand

Adorable Wildlife Pups for National Puppy Day - Meerkat Pups




baby harvest mouse, recently saved one from my cat and I'm now keeping until he or she can walk properly, there name is pip

Hedgehog on vacation :3

Jawn travels the world during hiatus. I should pin this on my Sherlock board but this is too adorable to not be on this one. <----- It's not even funny how badly and for how long I've wanted a pet hedgehog

all the sweet prettiness of life — creatures-alive: (via biddythehedgehog on.

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Is that shredded cheese or shredded carrots next to the bunny?

My hedgie, Sophie

My hedgie, Sophie