jmasterd: “ interior-design-home: “ Natural stone bathtub by Stone Forest Stone Forest’s natural bathtub is carved from a single block of granite or marble and they weight anywhere from 1600 to

lo showroom della grande azienda produttrice di mosaici mostra rivestimenti enormi fatte con tessere tagliate su misura... impressionante.

Shiny shiny mosaic tile for the bathroom! So pretty! Love the tub too, but not the flowers

100 Beautiful Bathrooms With A Copper Tub - Style Estate -

i love gold accents, and really anything that's gold, which is why i love this gold bath tub. i would love a bathroom with a gold bath .

To do:   1) find a huge boulder  2) drill a huge hole into it to make a bathtub

Not sure how to gain access to a rock/ bathtub like this, but it is really cool. Even the sink is similar. Also appreciate the kitchen sink faucets and coral.

stone bath tubs (9)

25 Stone Baths for that special get away!

Decorate your bathroom in a cave-like style to bring a natural feel to it. Think of some stone tubs for a relaxing feel while bathing.

PLEXIGLAS  25 mm  Heat it up and pour hot water in it to make the shape of the Hamac  This is simultaneously wonderful and terrifying. Really cool design, but I think I'd just be scared it would fall and break!

This bathtub is redesigned to mimic the form of a hammock. The design steers away from tradition and more modern and art-like. But much bigger and deeper.

Master Bathroom- bathtub

Renovation Inspiration: Brick, Concrete and Wood in Rustic Bathrooms

Sink carved out of stone.

Natural Wabi Sink All are approximately high. Widths will range from Description: Note: Each wabi sink is carved from natural.

If you put wooden bathtub in your bathroom you will get warm and cozy atmosphere. White bathtubs can look very plastic and cold. That is why wooden bathtubs can be perfect for any home.

How's this for an unconventional bathtub?  Made by HIGHTECH.  The stone base around the floor serve as a drain.  Very intruiging.

bathtub mussel 4 Concrete Bathtub from HighTech the Mussel Shell Bathtub is inspired by nature

Vincent Wolf brought the large mirror and marble element indoors to create a tranquil bath against high-gloss robin's-egg blue.

Spa Power

Modern tub, Sleek towel rod, Cool walls, mixed with Soft glass sconces, Antique French Mirror and flowers makes this elegant space inviting.

Необычная ванна StoneBath изготовлена из огромного куска цельного природного камня.

“The Natural Stone Bathtub is the work of inspired bathroom interior design firm natural element." -Your StoneBath A stone bath?

Oval stone Bathtub

Stone Forest takes its lead from nature's blueprint. Contemporary designs for the bath & kitchen are sculpted from natural materials including stone, bronze