Paperi- & mediasäilytys - Työpöydän tarvikkeet - IKEA

IKEA KNUFF Magazine file set of 2 Plywood Untreated wood; can be treated with oil or glazing paint for a personal touch and a more durable surface.

TJENA Magazine file - black, - IKEA

TJENA Magazine file Black

IKEA - TJENA, Magazine file, black, , Easy to pull out and lift as the magazine file has a cut-out handle.The included label holder helps you to create an overview

KASSETT Scatola con coperchio - naturale, 16x26x15 cm - IKEA

KASSETT Box with lid IKEA This box is perfect for storing your CDs, games, chargers or desk accessories.

FJÄLLA Portariviste - bianco sporco - IKEA

FJÄLLA Portariviste, grigio scuro

IKEA - FJÄLLA, Magazine file, off-white, , Easy to pull out and lift as the magazine file has a handle.The label holder helps you organize and find your things.

PLUGGIS Secchio per raccolta differenziata - 8 l - IKEA

IKEA - PLUGGIS, Recycling bin, 271 oz, , You can save space and make sorting easier by stacking the small PLUGGIS recycling bin gallon) on top of the large

IKEA - ДАГОТТО, Подставка для ног,  , , Эта подставка обеспечивает комфортное положение в процессе работы за столом, снижая нагрузку на ноги, спину и шею.Положение и наклон опоры регулируются нажатием ног.Благодаря нескользящей текстильной поверхности ноги не соскальзывают с наклонной подставки.Резиновые накладки обеспечивают устойчивость подставки для ног на полу и защищают поверхность пола от царапин.

IKEA - DAGOTTO, Footrest , This foot rest helps you sit in a good working position at your desk and reduces strain on your legs, back and neck.

SPRALLA Candela profumata e vaso  - IKEA

IKEA SPRALLA Scented candle in pot Aloe vera/lilac The scent of aloe vera creates a harmonious atmosphere at home.

LAPPLJUNG RUTA Fodera per cuscino IKEA Grazie alla cerniera, la fodera è facile da togliere.

LAPPLJUNG RUTA Fodera per cuscino, bianco, nero

LOHALS Tappeto, tessitura piatta - 200x300 cm - IKEA

LOHALS Tappeto, tessitura piatta, naturale

IKEA LOHALS Rug, flatwoven Natural cm Jute is a durable and recyclable material with natural colour variations.