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i mean, i like painting up. and i love the pigs. so.getting a pig and painting it up?


Zoo Basel Welcomes Miniature Piglets

I want the tiny furry pig SO BAD!

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. WHERE IS THIS PIG!

A passel of piggles!

One Two Three Little Piglets!What's sweeter than baby pigs? Mini Juliana pigs are usually spotted and come in a variety of colors. These babies will eventually weigh between pounds on a diet of fruits, vegetables, grains,

I will hang up this Cow Poster for doing oral motor exercises with my special needs preschoolers....adorable!   Penina Rybak MA/CCC-SLP, TSHH  CEO Socially Speaking LLC  website: sociallyspeakingLLC.com

Have a pet cow! A Scottish Highland Cow would be perfect! (Actually, I would want a steer, not a cow.

Own and love a pet mini piggy!

35 Cute Miniature Pig Pictures - Miniature pigs are also known as teacup pigs, micro pigs, mini pigs and these are intelligent and good house trained pets.

Teacup Piglets That Are Even Cuter Than Kittens


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Tasty: A miniature pig enjoys a tasty summertime treat at the Devon farm

Madness on the bridge of death: In scorching heat, 'tombstoning' youngsters leap 30ft into river at spot where man died a year ago

Funny pictures about There's nothing like a good cone of ice cream. Oh, and cool pics about There's nothing like a good cone of ice cream. Also, There's nothing like a good cone of ice cream.

Careful Contemplation by These Painting Miniature Pigs (photography,animals,miniature pigs,cute,art,painting,pigs)

I will make my teacup piggies paint, and sell their art to support my teacup animal farm.

Funny Pictures – 34 Pics

Chris P. Bacon, A Disabled Piglet Who Uses a K’NEX Wheelchair. Not sure which amount of cute will send us over the edge: this pig's existence or him being an animal with a human name.

baby piggies baby-animals

A teacup baby pig. So cute, I want one!

in addition to a puppy, I also want a teacup pig. i think they will get along adorably.

what's cuter than a baby pig? A baby pig with a flower behind it's ear, of course!

Priscilla and Poppleton hail from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, where they live with their loving (human) mother. The pair, inseparable siblings, have more than 300k Instagram followers, and one look at their cute, little pink snouts, and it's easy to understand the loyal following. In fact, the duo is so

Literally The Funniest Pig Pictures We've Ever Seen

All mine!

wee fat piggy with strawberries!

OMGoodness, mini piggy  goes to to Disney!

20 Of The Most Fashionable Pigs You’ve Ever Seen: