A Simple Flow Chart to Show Climate Change Conspiracy Theorists

The only people who think organic farming can feed the world are delusional hippies, hysterical moms, and self-righteous organic farmers. Right? Not according to the World Watch Institute. It turns out that number of agribusiness executives, agricultural and ecological scientists, and international agriculture experts believe that a large-scale shift to organic farming would not only increase the world's food supply, but might be the only way to eradicate hunger and address obesity. An…

Science and society short essay Science, it is said, is creating problems faster than they can be solved. This is really not a criticism of science, but of man's inability to adjust himself to the.

no climate change - Yahoo Search Results Yahoo Image Search Results

no climate change - Yahoo Search Results Yahoo Image Search Results

President Obama's Climate Change Plan (Infographic) : TreeHugger

President Obama's Climate Change Plan (Infographic)

On Tuesday, President Obama announced his new climate change plan. Below is an infographic produced by the White House illustrating some facts about climate change and how these new proposal

From a climate perspective, natural gas carries significant risks.

The Climate Risks of Natural Gas / Les risques climatiques du gaz naturel

Climate change and human activity

How we know we're causing global warming, by Skeptical Science. The human (anthropogenic) fingerprint of climate change.

Yes. we're certainly doing a great job of ruining the planet.

a little Bizarro for you...

"The bad news is you've got advanced-stage humans." The good news is that we are learning how to take care of the earth. We are healing and restoring our human and ecological bodies.

Truth be told...

The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere hit an all-time high last week (May Scientists say there is still time for change, barely. Neil deGrasse Tyson on Climate Change and the environment. - quote via Dietrich Matters

Climate Change & Energy: How Ecojustice (and the law) can help ... see at :

Climate Change & Energy: How Ecojustice (and the law) can help [Infographic]

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Rottenecards - They're called man-hours because a woman would finish that shit in 20 minutes.

"The World Bank has created perhaps the single most telling chart on climate change ever." —BirdLife

The only way to stop climate change now may be revolution

"Earth hasn’t experienced temperatures warmer than as a result of natural climate variability for at least the last years." We are headed for if we keep burning coal.

Climate change conversations in Australia, from  Where are the women's voices?

Social Marketers 1000 Heads have done some research into how we are discussing climate change and have put together this infographic

What to know about Carbon Footprint

Infographic about Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint is the pollution emitted through burning of fuel that influences climate change. It is the measurement of the greenhouse gases or car