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1959 Fiat 500 Autobianchi Bianchina

KHI stock photography and stock images of a 1959 Fiat 500 Autobianchi Bianchina Transformabile Coupe micro-car classic mini European car from the

Remembering Some of the Craziest Custom RVs

Remembering Some of the Craziest Custom RVs

vintage-trailer: Star Streak Motor homeTwo are known to exist. One at the California Auto Museum in Sacramento CA and another at the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart Indiana. The Star Streak is a custom made aluminum-bodied motor home built by Paul.


City camper, - BMW Isetta and trailer with matching two-tone paint. The trailer almost makes the Isetta seem normal size.

Vintage Futuristic Ray Guns - toys from Buck Rogers, and others during the 30s and 40s

Atomic Design – Luna’s 50’s Inspired Ukes

Vintage Futuristic Ray Guns - toys from Buck Rogers, and others during the and

1957 Jurisch Motoplan – This prototype was the vision of engineer and motorcycle racer Carl Jurisch. The German saw the benefits of a vehicle that could combine the a car and a motorcycle. It utilized Messerschmitt and Heinkel components, and was used by Jurisch for a short time before he sent it to the US in an attempt to market the car. It sat unloved in Florida until the 1970s when a microcar collector purchased it and was able to track the car’s mysterious and fascinating history.

“coffeenuts: Microcar Jurisch Motoplan Prototype 1957 - 1 by Fine Cars on…

1956, Turin, Italy "Golden Dolphin Bus"

Streamlined "Golden Dolphin Bus" concept from Turin, Italy Dark Roasted Blend: Bizarre Buses

Los coches inolvidables: ¿Cual es el mas feo?

This one would be perfect for G-ma to get to work. Little green pea car! Yes, can't you just see smooshed green pea car when some uncoordinated SUV driver "bumps" into it? Not good- cute and efficient but that is a bit of problem.

Prototipo de locomotora VW-Porsche con motor industrial 1954. Movía pequeños trenes construidos desde 1954 hasta 1971 utilizados en parques y jardines botánicos.  Arrastraba 3 vagones con una capacidad total de 90 pasajeros. Museo de Hamburgo

VW / Porsche engine A 1954 VW-Porsche Escher Kleinbahn Prototyp Prototyp in the in Hamburg. These Were Little trains built from 1954 to 1971 and were used in parks and botanical gardens. It pulled three cars which had space for 90 passengers.

The Airpod concept car that runs on compressed air - Tata Motors has been showing off a new concept car that runs on compressed air and will give you 125 miles per full tank of…well, air.    The three-wheeler is controlled via a joystick rather than a steering wheel and utilises pneumatic motors, which use pressurised air to drive the car’s pistons. Tata Motors says the Airpod concept car can reach a top speed of 50 miles per hour.

The Tata AirPod: India's tiny air-powered prototype car. It's not pretty but it's air-powered, that's awesome!