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1938 REO and Curtis Aerocar, show custom concept car prototype streamlined aerodynamic retro futuristic cool deco sleek RV bus camper camping glamping motorhome Aero Car Aero-Car

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The Aérotrain was a Hovertrain developed in France from 1965 to The project was abandoned in 1977 due to lack of funding, the death of lead engineer Jean Bertin, and the adoption of TGV by the French government


Chrysler Diablo concept, classic and vintage car design. The bottom photo is reversed for some reason. It wasn't a right-hand drive.

Back in the 1930s, Wally Byam created thiscompany in the beginning to answer a need, and that was the need to experience the environment,experience na...

Airstream Travel Trailers: 90+ The Love of Airstream, Must See

I guess this idea never took off. a pontoon frame for the Explorer Box and Dinoot trailers. I think I'd stick with a pontoon boat.

Retro Vehicle We Want to Drive

15 Retro Vehicles We Want to Drive

dropboxofcuriosities: “A car of totally new design, the automodul, driven by its designer J. Ponthieu, at the opening of the first Racing Car and Cycle show in Paris, ” .

The Ford Gyron was unveiled at the Detroit Motorshow in 1961. This gyrocar had just two-wheels like a motorbike and was stabilised by gyroscopes and the distribution of the weight of the passengers. When stationary, the Ford Gyron was supported much like a motorbike, with legs that came out from underneath to keep it steady.

AOL Autos has an article and a gallery of never-ran concept cars from the through the Seen above is the 1961 Ford Gyron. Also see the Vintage Futuristic-Looking Concept Cars post. Link - via

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But in fact, the Saab Sonett two-seater was originally named after the Swedish expression “så nätt,” meaning “so neat.” The Saab Sonett “Super Sport” was first unveiled at the [.