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Kuva: Kaikkea sitä internetistä löytyykin. Vuonna 1975 ovat ihan tosissaan suunnitelleet helikopterille peräkärryä ilmatyynyaluksesta. Kuvassa kopteri vetää hoverbargea pitkin kotoisen näköistä jääkenttää... hullujen touhua :-D  Tästä saat ladattua jenkkien tekemän studyn aiheesta: rafhovercraft.fi/images/HelicopterTowedHoverbarge.pdf

At first, I thought it was a perfectly timed shot of imminent disaster but it turns out it is actually a technique in flying helicopters. Vertol Tow is the technique. It is used to "tow"

History of the Space Shuttle Discovery  #SpaceShuttle #Discovery

A Brief History of the Space Shuttle Discovery: In honor of its final flight and dedication at the Smithsonian

Crazy, crazy low pass by a Tornado -- is this even real? A cursory image search brought up a lot of results from people who seem to think so, but it seems impossible. Incredible!

A Panavia Tornado performing a very low pass. - Perfectly Timed Photography 2 Best of Web Shrine