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Remove Miley I cress Jonas and Selena and slim down Demi N hells yeah on Timor and pumba.

So True, Salt, Weird, Totes, Outlander, Handbags, Salts, Tote Bag, Bags

Haha! Funny video but it is scary! That's Exactly what i was thinking this morning while curling my hair!

I literally think of that video every time I curl my hair now. Even though I know my hair is much healthier than hers and I understand what temp to use and how long to heat my hair. Still scares me a bit though.

When you meet me, you think I'm quiet. Then once you get to know me, you wish I was quiet.

Funny and relatable moments in life that makes you go lol so true. Come have a laugh or submit your lolsotrue moment.

All. The. Time.

So true! Ha, I get a mini heart attack just reading this lol

happens all the time -- sweet land of mine, right? he always sings "sweet caroline." maybe one day he'll get it right.

awkward mo when youre singing a song and the artist gets the words wrong.

No capes! - Frozen / The Incredibles crossover - funny meme

Monday Memes: Let It Go

First thing I thought was when I saw Elsa get rid of her cape was "I liked that Cape!" but I then "No capes darling." XP <- ah yes, Edna Mode has been here.

This, folks, must stop.

This, folks, must stop.

So true!  We tell all of our clients it is NOT important to spray on a tan for a boudoir shoot with our studio.

I know too many dorito girls. Or maybe just too many girls who look like they had their hands in the doritos bag (spray tan)

Add random yelling and jumping around and this is me. I suck but I always have a good time. :)

or as Karl calls me, a "button masher". he's just mad i always beat him in Mortal Combat!