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Blue and green eyes.blue eyes are a genetic disorder.<<< I have a mix of blue/green/gray eyes and I'm most of this.except for the long relationships thing (minus friends) but I can get hyper if I want to b. Overall this is true


I have to pin it to 10 things.- <<< I more posted it for the facts cause they are mostly true

I hate Justin bieber so ill just say,  BACON"<<<<<-------

The eight coolest restaurants in New Orleans

I am sorry, but I have to. Bacon is a fandom, alright?<--I LOVE BACON SO LOOK MUCH! BACON IS A FANDOM!< can we start a bacon fandom?<--- i think we already did<<<officially part of the bacon fandom. <<<<<<< Totally part of the bacon fandom


REPOST >>> I want everything but the crush thing. I don't have a crush

these all describe me

Never been in a relationship - yes Oh well ❤️ Never been kissed - yep I do care what I look like I am lazy and awkward and have a weird sense of humour I care to much I overthink and have no social life Music is my life and my life would be a good to show

What is the difference between women and men? | Vivas

We are so different. Part One: Men vs Women pics) We are so different. Part One: Men vs Women pics)

This is a fun chart for science. What was your percentage?

The Odds of your Baby’s Eye Color< I take issue with it saying of having a green eyed child from a brown eyed and blue eyed pairing. My daughter has green eyes, I have brown, her dad has ice blue.