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Pikachu sandwich, I choose YOU.to be my lunch! It's like bento, but minus the box. (via Awkward Teens)

I hate that the sandwhich is a cat- but maybe if I made Oaklyns food look like this she would want to eat it instead of just lucky charms.

Change up your kid's everyday lunch with these fun, healthy bento lunch box ideas. Plus, get more delicious kid and toddler lunch ideas!

Shes a keeper

She's a keeper

Pokemon Card Dress on Global Geek News. Hope she only used basic cards, otherwise I could see players trying to snatch a couple.

Snail Cinnamon Roll Breakfast idea, maybe when we see the movie turbo!

Cute and Easy Breakfast Ideas

Too easy & cute! Canned cinnamon rolls, toothpicks (be super careful with little ones!), mini marshmallows, and food dye pens. Link goes to full tutorial. Cute Food For Kids: Cute Breakfast Idea: Cinnamon Roll Snails

Cresent roll crab Favorite filling, strawberries, carrots, toothpicks, mini marshmallows (?) and olives.  Cute!

Crab Sandwich - croissants filled with tuna salad! This is such a fun summer lunch for the kids. You can call this "Crab"wich or "Snap"wich.so fun!