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Liz Climo is back, and she has a whole book of hilarious animal comics! From killer whales to porcupines, dinosaurs to polar bears, Climo attributes a delightful simple sense of humour to all her animal

by Liz Climo (10/01/14)

Liz Climo Draws Comics of Animals with Wry Senses of Humor - Cube Breaker

Happy New Year!

tehjennismightier: “lizclimo: “ happy new year! may it be a prosperous one (whatever that means to you) xo liz ” I’m gonna need more hands.

Cute Halloween animals! liz climo comics - Imgur

liz climo comics

In Liz Climo’s world of animals, rats and snakes are BFFs, dinosaur dads are simply awesome, and narwhals have the best Halloween costumes. Climo is a.

Liz Climo depicts an age-old truth: Raisins get no love on Halloween. (Doubly so if you’re an anteater.

Liz Climo

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Still one of my favorite images about fatherhood

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Funny comics Awkward Everyday Lives Of Animals By Simpsons Illustrator Liz Climo