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i mean, i like painting up. and i love the pigs. so.getting a pig and painting it up?

DAWE a bay headchog....(I couldn't imagine given birth to one of those lol)

Funny pictures about Baby and grown hedgehog. Oh, and cool pics about Baby and grown hedgehog. Also, Baby and grown hedgehog photos.

OMG this baby skunk is sooooo cute!!!

OMG this baby skunk is sooooo cute! Skunks are so cute but so annoying w/ their goddamn stink sacks :/

Country Love. Now that's a good human.

Look at that sweet piggie face. When I was a kid, I loved the new pigs right after they were born.


This is a needle felted pig. This is not a living animal. So many people will think this pig exists.

Inari Fox Doll, by Russian artist Santinihttp://www.boredpanda.com/creepy-cute-fantasy-dolls-santani/

A 23-Year-Old Russian Makes Creepy Yet Adorable Fantasy Dolls

Madagascar southeastern Africa Monkey ~ This photograph, however, does not show an unusual primate from Madagascar. Instead, it shows a doll from the "Inari Foxes" collection produced by the Santani Workshop in Russia.

Micro Mini Pigs.  Megan wants one.  This is my daughter who has had pet rats, pet hermit crabs and a ferret.

i'm a fan of miniature animals! (always wanted to have a micro-pig as a pet ) the smaller the size the cuter the animal, i think have stumb.

Baby alpaca - IS THIS EVEN REAL?!

Baby alpaca

Funny pictures about Baby llama. Oh, and cool pics about Baby llama. Also, Baby llama photos.

Can barely handle the cuteness!

Many wonderful little pets are merely waiting to be adopted, too. Each cat might have to be licensed if it will be accepted to reside at the cafe.

Newborn baby otters--Wittle Baby Hamishes!  So cute!

Newborn baby otters