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Crucibulum laeve -- White Bird's Nest Fungus in all stages of fruiting

Crucibulum laeve -- White Bird's Nest Fungus in all stages of fruiting David Work Photography

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How cool are these mushrooms? =D Mycena clarkeana, Swan River, western Australia, steve axford

Я под впечатлением от публикации, где приводились великолепные фотографии экзотических гусениц, решила тоже сделать обзор необычной красоты. Представляю вам фотографии растений, про которые не всегда можно сказать, настоящие они или нет, и с нашей ли планеты. Возможно кому-то их необычная форма, фактура подскажет идеи для лепки, росписи или валяния.

Funky looking fungi! Fruiting bodies of the fungus Xylaria Polymorpha ~ (Dead man’s fingers) ~ By Russ Boyd

"Cyttaria gunnii are round, edible, ascomycete pore fungi, found growing from the trunks and branches of Nothofagus menziesii or Silver beech (Māori: Tawhai). They are perennial, and produce increasingly large colonies each year, which eventually form big woody galls,or "burls" in the trunks or branches. Beech burls are prized by woodcarvers, although many people don't realise how they come to be there.  Garden Gully Croesus Track, Paparoa Range, West Coast"

Beech Forest Fungi - These strange pore fungi are only found growing from the trunks of Nothofagus (beech trees) Croesus Track,Paparoa Range,Westland.

Darwin's Fungus (Cyttaria darwinii) Found in South America and Australia it grows abundantly as a parasite on southern beech.

Cyttaria darwinii (Darwin's Fungus) also known as Indian Bread since they are edible