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Why would I want to do that NURSE?

Why would I want to do that NURSE?

Nurses - helping to keep you just a touch less dead. The mission of a nurse to keep the patients a touch less dead

I love the raw, sweet humanity within children :) letters to God (found on the Internet)

Kids were asked to write their prayers…

Funny 'Dear God' Letters from Kids So cute how could these precious letters from innocent children not be uplifting to us?

Story of my life...

Cat Saturday (34 Photos)

you’re going to make some cats very happy some day funny

this is you at thanksgiving!!!! hahahaha

Every f**king time

Reread this but say "three hours later" in that voice from spongebob's tv show hahahaha this is me everyday at work

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I've never ended up sending it to the wrong person, but I've definitely had the mini heart attack when you THINK you've sent it to the wrong person.

I think I will print this on a t-shirt, I have several places I would like to wear it!

Submission document

I think sarcasm is the defense against drama, bullshit and stupidity. Being a smartass is a defense against people who don't get sarcasm.


So true! Ha, I get a mini heart attack just reading this lol

Dating advice from kids


Get The Guy: Kids Talk Dating Problems. Oh my gosh. Seriously, this is ridiculously cute and accurate about how girls talk. will watch later

Marriage defined

Marriage defined

Funny pictures about Marriage defined. Oh, and cool pics about Marriage defined. Also, Marriage defined photos.

I typically conclude that 'I wanted you to be quiet/I wanted to see what would happen" wouldn't be a good enough excuse :/

Sometimes when people are talking to me I daydream about what they would do if I suddenly punched them right in the face. BAHAHAHA ALL THE TIME!