Jeans, grey sweatshirt, red tank, striped scarf red converse (wish they made red Jack Purcells)


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Looks comfy

Distressed jeans, Navy tank, Navy shoes, Navy purse, grey navy and blue plaid flannel

Like the color combo school colors are always good for game day

I love EVERYTHING about this outfit except the scarf! Gotta have the boots & sweatshirt. Started my boot hunt

Work outfit inspiration

Work outfit inspiration

I love a white tee and jeans

One of my favorite all time outfits--jeans, white tee, brown sandals! Hope to be able to wear it again this spring!

Cali girl style.

North Face Outfit With Jeans And Converse. Good site to have north face and athletic Nike shoes for cheap!,I have this hoodie in black guess I need some black converse sneakers. And STARBUCKS!

Dara Ettinger Felicia Stud Earrings (that ring was awful).  Transformed pepto-pink into burgundy. Scarf to muted periwinkle.

black turtleneck + jeans + hot pink scarf + hot pink bag + black booties (again, I have all these components.