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Red is known to be a dynamic colour. With KFC using this as their main color in the logo, red is also known to induce hunger

The KFC logo has the colonel who is the companies mascot in the logo and is another circle logo aswell, the name is also displayed unlike a lot of companies.

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Wendy’s Logo Wendy’s tries to bring back childhood memories by adding the word mom in the collar of the little girl in their logo.

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Yes, There Are Some Gluten-Free Options at Fast Food Restaurants: Arby's

Gluten-Free Fast Food: What Are Your Options?

Like the McDonald's logo, the Starbucks logo is widely-recognize and is symbolic on its own.


Iced green tea latte and iced tea/lemonade with half classic and half raspberry syrups are my favorite drinks! Also, the iced caramel hot chocolate is pretty tasty!

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Here’s evolution history of famous logos with comparison how’s they were looking then and now. See the beautiful difference.

KFC - I wanna eat at a KFC in London ! :)

On April KFC is re-opening their kitchens for half-hour tours and after you'll get 2 pieces of freshly-prepared Original Recipe Chicken with a regular chi

Smart Fast Food with Weight Watcher Smart Points! Need a list of fast foods that are low in Weight Watcher Smart Points? These are all 10 SP or less!!

Restaurant and Fast Food with Weight Watcher Freestyle SmartPoints (10 SP or less

There is value in updating your logo. Check out some popular evolutions of these well known companies.

I was looking at some of the old logos that companies had and how they have changed them recently.

Logo changes: Old vs New (Daphne means the name of the tree "Laurier" here though :D !

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This logo allows for a easly standout design and allows people to know what it is from just a simple letter. it also stands out for its colour chose.

Free Top Secret Restaurant Recipes: Pizza Hut Original Pan Pizza Secret Recipe

The Pizza Hut logo has a very organic and personal feeling to it's composition. The diagonal baseline plays on the personal feeling as well.

Scholarship Friday: 10 Easy Scholarships - Parents Countdown to College Coach

Scholarship Friday: 10 Easy Scholarships - Parents Countdown to College Coach college student tips

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I love, love, love Coke! My favorite drink. Can't stand diet, has to be regular. I hope the new formula tastes just as good!